Hayward By-Pass Kit

Hayward By-Pass Kit




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Product description

HAXBPK1932 Hayward By-Pass Kit

Hayward heaters are designed to operate under many kinds of circumstances. After years of use, your pool heater will require service, repair, or tune-ups to keep functioning. One issue that crops up for many pool owners is the need to replace their water by-pass kit. If your pool heater has been creating a knocking or banging sound, but otherwise operating just fine, chances are that you'll need to find a replacement for your bypass valve.

Using the HAXBPK1932 Hayward By-Pass Kit

The HAXBPK1932 Hayward By-Pass Kit is suitable for use on Hayward H-Series heaters (ED1/ED2 models H150, H200, H250, H300, H350 and H400). This replacement part will prevent your heater from building up steam, creating loud disruptions that can damage your heater over time.

Make sure that the HAXBPK1932 Hayward By-Pass Kit is the right fit for your pool equipment before ordering.