Pentair Hi-Limit Safety Switch

Pentair Hi-Limit Safety Switch




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Product description

Pentair Hi-Limit Safety Switch

A pool heater can add so much time and enjoyment to each swimming season. There are many dangerous components that are in use in your pool heater, and these are brought together safely because of Pentair's attention to safety details. The high-limit switch in your Pentair heater is designed to shut down your heater when the operating temperature has reached a temperature that is too high. If this switch is damaged or worn out, it can give your heater an incorrect reading that your temperature is too high - and prevent your heater from turning on when you need it.

The 071017 Pentair Hi-Limit Safety Switch is compatible with Pentair MiniMax pool heaters, and select PowerMax heater models. With the purchase of the 071017 Pentair Hi-Limit Safety Switch, you can have your heater running properly again with an installation that takes minutes.

Some models of MiniMax and PowerMax pool heaters require two safety switches to operate. Be sure that you make an order for two of the 071017 switches if both of your high-limit safety switches have been damaged over time.