Jandy R0454200 Rear Header with hardware and gaskets

Jandy R0454200 Rear Header with hardware and gaskets




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy R0454200 Rear Header with hardware and gaskets

For your pool heater to function correctly, it is very important that all internal connections, seals, headers and gaskets be complete and in working order. Over time, your pool heater is exposed to harsh water flow, unbalanced water, and the extremes of summer and winter. All of this can add up to damage to your rear headers over time.

Swimmers who own a Zodiac or Jandy pool heater can easily replace the rear header in their pool heater with the R0454200 Rear Header replacement kit. This kit contains everything needed to replace headers, and get your pool heater functioning perfectly.

Installing the R0454200 Zodiac/Jandy Rear Header

Installing the R0454200 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Laars Rear Header is a fast and simple job for a pool professional, and many owners are able to complete this job themselves. The R0454200 comes complete with all of the gaskets and hardware that you need to completely replace your rear header, ensuring a tight seal between the rear header and your heat exchanger.

The R0454200 is a suitable replacement for Jandy models LXI250, LXI300, LXI400. Be sure the R0454200 Read Header Assembly is suitable for your heater model for a fast and worry-free fix.