Maytronics 9991463-R4 Spring Filter Kit (4 Panels)

Maytronics 9991463-R4 Spring Filter Kit (4 Panels)



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Product description

Maytronics 9991463-R4 Fine Replacement Cartridge Filters (Set of 4) (Alternative Part # 9991463-ASSY)

  • For use with Dolphin S300i, Dolphin S200, Dolphin Active 20, Dolphin Active 30i, Dolphin S300, Dolphin Scoop Comfort, Dolphin Scoop Deluxe, Dolphin Discovery M2BIG, Dolphin Premium Energy M2CIG, Dolphin Quantum, Dolphin Triton, Dolphin Triton PS Plus, Dolphin Triton PS Plus W/Swivel, Dolphin Active 20 W/ Swivel, Dolphin Premium W/Swivel, Dolphin Discovery W/Swivel, Dolphin Active 30i W/Swivel, Dolphin Quantum W/Swivel, Dolphin S200 W/Swivel, Dolphin Active 30 W/Swivel, Dolphin Triton PS W/Swivel, Dolphin S300 W/Swivel, Dolphin S300i W/Swivel, Dolphin T45, Dolphin T35, Dolphin T55i, Dolphin Proteus DX5i, Dolphin Proteus DX4, Dolphin Mercury, Dolphin M600
  • Pentair Prowler 920, Pentair Prowler 930, Pentair Prowler 930 W/Swivel, Pentair Warrior SI (2019), Pentair Warrior SE (2019)