Outdoor Vent Cap for Jandy Legacy LRZ 175 Heaters

Outdoor Vent Cap for Jandy Legacy LRZ 175 Heaters




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Product description

R0491602 Outdoor Vent Cap for Jandy LRZ 175K BTU Heaters

Many outdoor pool heaters require venting to ensure that unsafe emissions do not build up around their heater. But, venting that faces upward can pose a problem if left totally exposed, and open to nesting animals, wind, and rain.

Zodiac and Jandy brand heaters are designed with vent caps that match their adaptive outdoor venting. This vent cap allows the escape of emissions while blocking rain and wind from entering your heater.

The R0491602 Outdoor Vent Cap has been designed only for use with Jandy Legacy LZRE and LZRM 175K BTU Heaters. This vent cap compliments the outdoor venting that is designed for these heaters, ensuring perfect fit and form.

Installing the R0491602 Outdoor Vent Cap is a fast and simple job for any pool professional who has the right parts on hand.