Pentair Display Cover Replacement

Pentair Display Cover Replacement




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Product description

Pentair 42001-0008S Display Cover Replacement

Pool heaters operate in very difficult operating environments, exposed to year-round weather, moisture, and harsh pool chemicals.Over time, this exposure can cause small parts of any pool or spa heater to begin to break down.

If your pool heater faces exposure to the sun or wind, then you'll want to be sure that the control display on your heater is covered at all times. But, the display cover is often one of the first parts of your pool heater to be lost or damaged in the first few seasons of use.

The cover for your pool heater display protects your controls and internal electrical elements from being damaged by the sun or by moisture. Having the correct display cover in place will help to protect these more vital and more important components from damage and the need for replacement.

The 42001-0008S Pentair Display Cover Replacement is available to replace the existing cover for Pentair Max-E-Therm pool heaters. Pentair offers a full line of control display replacement covers for each of their models of pool heater.