Pentair Electrode w/lead Q3451 CH

Pentair Electrode w/lead Q3451 CH




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Product description

Pentair Electrode (for MiniMax CH & Plus Heaters)

If your pool or spa heater is failing to fire up, it can be stressful. But, a breakdown in the operation of your Pentair heater can often be resolved by a quick service call, or replacing a part that has been damaged over time. If the electrode that lights your pilot light has been damaged, your pilot won't be able to light - preventing your heater from firing up and running.

If you own a Pentair MiniMax CH or MiniMax plus heater, the 471328 Pentair Electrode may be the part you're looking for.

Using the 471328 Pentair Electrode for MiniMax CH & Plus Heaters

If you have the right parts on hand, replacing the pilot electrode in your pool or spa heater is a simple and easy job. The 471328 Pentair Electrode should be used for repairs only on MiniMax CH and MiniMax Plus Heaters (if you own a different Pentair heater, please consult your pool manual to find out the part number you need for repair).