Raypak R406A-EN-X Salt Water Natural Gas Pool Heater 399k BTU




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Product description

Raypak 399k BTU Saltwater Pool Heater

If you've had the chance to swim in a saltwater pool, you know how luxurious the water feels. The chemistry of saltwater pools more closely matches our own bodies, making for a more comfortable swimming experience. But, when it comes to our pool equipment - the opposite is true. The high salinity in salt water can be extremely corrosive to traditional pool heaters, destroying the internal elements that make your heater function.

If you have a saltwater pool, or if you've considered making the change in future, it is important that you find a heater that is suitable for your changing water chemistry. The new Raypak saltwater heater has been designed to withstand the chemistry of saltwater pools, and to provide years of reliable heating, without corrosion.

Why choose the Raypak Saltwater Heater?

Raypak is a trusted name in pool heating, and their new cupro-nickel heat exchanger allows saltwater pool owners to enjoy the same reliable heating as in chlorine pools. This Raypak saltwater heater is extremely easy to use, with a simple thermostat that allows you to maintain the perfect temperature, or crank up the heat for a blast of quick warmth.

You'll love the efficient operation of the Raypak heater, allowing you to keep your pool comfortable without facing huge utility bills. This Raypak heater has also been built to last! The tough, non-corrosive elements and weather-resistant design ensures your heater can function, even in the toughest summer conditions. It is easy to see why Raypak has a reputation for quality pool heating.

Trusted Residential Pool Heating with Raypak

Adding a new heater to your pool is a wonderful way to extend the summer season, and get more time swimming each year. When you choose a heater, you want to be sure that you can get the heat you need, without frustrating issues or excessive expense. With this new heater, Raypak has created a reliable and durable heater that is suited to the needs of saltwater pool owners, so you can enjoy even more comfortable swimming each season.