Raypak Thermostat for P130 Heaters

Raypak Thermostat for P130 Heaters




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Product description

Raypak Thermostat for P130 Heaters

For your heater to be able to function, and turn on and off as needed, it is important that it be able to sense the internal temperature, as well as the temperature of your water, at all times. Over time, the thermostat on your heater is exposed to moisture, tough chemicals, and constant flow, and these can add up to damage over time.

Raypak has a commitment to customer service and quality that extends beyond the initial warranty for their heaters. A commitment to providing a long-lasting heater means that Raypak creates and stocks parts for all of their heaters, providing manufacturer-direct repairs when needed.

The 011585F Raypak thermostat provides for an exact replacement for the original in your pool heater. If you've done some diagnostics and have discovered that the thermostat in your pool heater is causing problems, be sure that the 011585F Raypak thermostat is the right part for your existing heater, and you'll be back up and running in no time.