Pentair Purex Return Header for Minimax 100

Pentair Purex Return Header for Minimax 100




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Product description

Pentair Replacement Return Header for MiniMax heaters

The return header in your Pentair pool or spa heater plays a very important function, directing water flow back to your pool after it has been warmed by your heater. The return header faces a constant barrage of fluctuating temperatures, harsh water flow, and exposure to extreme seasons. Over time, leaks and cracks may develop and if this happens, it is crucial that you find a replacement.

The 471096 Pentair Replacement Return Header will provide a direct replacement for select MiniMax heater models.

This header is a fit for Pentair MiniMax pool and spa heaters, but only fits models 75 and 100. Each model of Pentair will require a different return header to ensure a tight fit, proper function, and protection from leaking water. If you've got a MiniMax 75 or MiniMax 100 at home, the 471096 is the perfect replacement for a damaged return header.