Delozone 50 EC-20 Next Gen Eclipse Complete Ozone System

Delozone 50 EC-20 Next Gen Eclipse Complete Ozone System




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Product description

Delozone 50 Next Gen Eclipse Ozone generator

The majority of pools in the world are sanitized mainly by chlorine. Even saltwater pools rely on chlorine to provide sanitation to the water and keep swimming pools safe. Chlorine is a standard for pool maintenance with good reason. But now, there is an alternative that can help you lower the amount of chlorine that is used by your pool.

With the Delozone Next Gen Eclipse Ozone Generator, a new and innovative way to sanitize pool water has been introduced. With this new cleaning method, you'll be able to reduce the chlorine your pool needs by a huge margin, and enjoy pool water that is even cleaner, safer, and more sanitary than before.

Why choose the Delozone Next Gen Pool Ozone Generator?

The Delozone Pool Ozone Generator was created to find a more efficient way to clean pool water, and reduce the levels of harsh chemicals needed to keep your pool sparkling clean. Using an innovative cleaning technology, the Next Gen Pool Ozone Generator weakens the bond in harmful bacteria, destroying them and preventing them from reproducing in your pool water. The Delozone can kill up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria, and even eliminates dangerous bacterias like Crypto and Giardia that are resistant to chlorine.

As the pool ozone generator works, the chlorine in your pool water is under less demand. You'll have a dramatic reduction in the amount of chlorine you need to add to your pool water, and a huge reduction in chlorine smell. When the height of summer hits, your pool water will also be resistant to bacterias that form in the hot sun, and your algae treatment will be more effective.

Sparkling Clean Pool Water with Fewer Chemicals

Adding a pool ozone generator to your pool is a wonderful way to ensure it is safe, sanitized, and operating with as few harsh chemicals as possible. The Delozone Next Gen Pool Ozone Generator is easy to add to your existing pool plumbing, leaving you with peace of mind all summer long.

The Advantages of Ozone

  • Destroys 99.9% Of Harmful Contaminants
  • Quickly Oxidizes Crypto, Giardia and Other Chlorine Resistant Microorganisms
  • Dramatically Reduces Chemical Demand and Increases Effectiveness Of Residual Sanitizers
  • Eliminates Chemical Odors, Irritation and Damage To Pool Systems
  • Operate Chemical Feeders & Generators at a Lower Level While Maintaining a Safe Residua

Product Details

  • Patented Advanced Plasma Gap Technology (APG)
  • 110/240 Universal Voltage
  • Wall Mount Installation
  • UL, cUL Certified
  • Injector Manifold Kit Available
  • MDV Kit Available


The long-lasting DELCheck¬ģ certified APG Ozone cell outlasts classic CD cell designs. Cells last up to 5 years without significant reduction in output.


APG generates maximum ozone for cleaner water. Unlike UV type ozone generation, APG cell performance is not affected by water clarity.


Advanced Plasma Gap is patented DEL technology unavailable on other ozone generation system. APG is unmatched in residential ozone production.