Pentair Flame Sensor for Minimax NT Series

Pentair Flame Sensor for Minimax NT Series




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Product description

Pentair 471603 Flame Sensor For MiniMax Heaters

In your natural gas pool heater, the flame sensor is in place to be sure fuel is being burned off effectively, ensuring there is no build up of gas or fire hazard created. Over time, the flame sensor can be worn down, or can be damaged after a particularly difficult winter. If you own a Pentair pool heater and are in need of a replacement flame sensor, you're in luck. Pentair provides replacement parts for each of their heaters for years after purchase.

The 471603 Pentair Flame Sensor is available to replace the original flame sensor in Pentair MiniMax pool and spa heaters. This essential part can take your heater from being unable to run to operating as new. If you need to replace the flame sensor in your heating unit, you may receive an 05 error code. If you've got a MiniMax heater at home, the 471603 Pentair Flame Sensor is a perfect match that can help you enjoy another summer of comfortable pool water.