GLI Cover Doctor Safety Cover Patch Kit, Grey

GLI Cover Doctor Safety Cover Patch Kit, Grey




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Product description

Self-Adhesive Safety Cover Patch Kit Instructions:

  • Contains one 8.5" X 11" self-adhesive patch kit
  • Can be cut into multiple smaller patches.
  • Thoroughly clean area on both sides of the cover that will be patched. It is important to make sure the area is completely dry before applying the patch.
  • Trim any loose threads around the hole so the patch will lay flat.
  • Cut the patch so it will overlap the hole by 1" all the way around and round off all corners on the patch.
  • Lay cover on a flat solid surface.
  • Remove backing from self-adhesive patch and apply to the cover by pressing firmly and work across to remove wrinkles and air pockets.
  • For best results, apply a second patch to the backside of the cover by repeating the steps above.