Hayward Burner Orifice (qty 8) Nat Kit FD




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Product description

Hayward Burner Orifice (qty 8) Natural Gas for FDN/FDP Models

In your pool heater, there are many different elements that have been designed to for safe use in wet and high temperature conditions. When any of the parts within your Hayward heater fail or need replacement, it is very important that you find quality parts that are made by the manufacturer to make your repairs.

The FDXLBON1930 Hayward Burner Orifice kit is intended for use on Hayward natural gas heaters, providing a high-quality replacement that will last in the harsh conditions your pool heater faces.

The FDXLBON1930 Hayward Burner Orifice is a repair kit designed for natural gas Hayward heaters. This kit contains 8 parts intended to withstand the harsh conditions of your burner.

Each Hayward heater has been designed with very specific parts and specifications in mind. If you're looking for a part replacement, be sure to consult your pool heater manual to be sure that the FDXLBON1930 Hayward Burner Orifice Kit is the part you need for your heater.