Hayward Control Module with Ignitor

Hayward Control Module with Ignitor




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Product description

Hayward Control Module with Ignitor for Induced Draft Heaters

For your pool heater to provide the warm and comforting pool water that you've come to rely on, it is important that your heater be in excellent shape to fire up. This includes the control module - a part that kicks your heater into action when you've turned it on.

Hayward has created a replacement control module that includes an ignitor, allowing pool owners to make a repair while saving time and money.

Installing the IDXMOD1930 Hayward Control Module

Each and every Hayward pool heater will require a unique control module to function safely. The IDXMOD1930 Hayward Control Module with Ignitor has been designed for use on Hayward H-Series above ground pool heaters. This vital part includes the bracket and ignitor you'll need to make a repair to your H-Series heater.

Please note that occasionally, Hayward pool owners will purchase the IDXMOD1930 Hayward Control Module, thinking that this part includes the external control panel for their pool. The DXMOD1930 Hayward Control Module contains only the internal, electrical components needed for your repair, with the control panel sold separately.