Hayward IDXL2DB1930 Display Board

Hayward IDXL2DB1930 Display Board




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Product description

Hayward IDXL2DB1930 Display Board

Your Hayward heater provides a lot of heat and power to your pool, and there are many parts and components that function together to make the operation of your Hayward heater safe. An essential component of your pool heater is the control board - the electrical backing that allows your display and control panel to function, providing you control over your heater. When an issue with the control board arises, your pool heater parts have trouble working in unison, and may prevent your heater from functioning properly, or from starting at all.

Luckily, Hayward has designed their pool heaters to be repairable and serviceable, and with a simple part replacement, you can enjoy your heated pool again - fast.

Installing the Hayward IDXL2DB1930 Display Board

The Hayward IDXL2DB1930 Display Board is a direct part replacement that fits Hayward Heater Models H250IDL2, H350IDL2,H400IDL2 H150FD, H200FD, H250FD, H300FD, H350FD, H400FD and H500FD. If you've discovered that your Hayward heater is in need of a new display board, make sure the IDXL2DB1930 matches your existing model. With a fast and simple repair, you can have your heater functioning like new, and save yourself from a frigid swimming season.