Hayward Gas Valve for Millivolt Propane Heaters

Hayward Gas Valve for Millivolt Propane Heaters




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Product description

Hayward Gas Valve for Millivolt Propane Heaters

In your propane pool heater, the gas valve controls the flow of propane into your heater, ensuring the right amount is disbursed, and that your heater can operate safely. When this essential part is damaged, it will prevent your heater from firing up, and leave you with chilly pool water. Hayward pool heaters have a reputation for long lifespans and excellent operation, and this is because Hayward has ensured that when a repair is needed, the parts needed are available.

The HAXGSV0003 Hayward Gas Valve provides an exact replacement for Hayward H-Series propane pool heaters. Many happy Hayward heater owners have used this gas valve to repair heaters that are decades old, resulting in service that is as good as new.

For a fast and easy repair for your Hayward propane heater, be sure the HAXGSV0003 Hayward Gas Valve is the right fit for your current heater model. With the right part on hand, your pool professional can get your valve installed and operational after a quick service call.