Hayward GLX-PCB-PRO Aquarite Main PCB Board




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Product description

This PCB Board is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH SELECT MODELS. Using this board on systems not listed in the description is not guaranteed to work and can lead to catastrophic failure.

Hayward Main Printed Circuit Board GLX-PCB-PRO is a genuine replacement part for the Aqua Rite Pro salt chlorinator. This printed circuit board can be used with TurboCell-3, 9, and 15, depending on the size of the pool.

Hayward‚ĄĘs AquaRite Pro salt chlorinators are affordable, efficient, and robust. The Aqua Rite Pro series is a commercial-grade salt chlorination system that has an integrated automation built-in. The Hayward Aquarite Pro salt system generates a continuous output of chlorine derived from saltwater, automatically producing soft and smooth water that does not irritate the skin and eyes.

Compatible With

  • Hayward AquaLogic Automation Systems - AQL-PS-4, AQL-PS-8, AQL-PS-16
  • Hayward ProLogic Automation Systems* - PL-PS-4-CUL, PL-PS-8-CUL, PL-PS-16-CUL (models produced after October 2008)
  • Hayward AquaPlus Automation Systems - PL-PLUS, PL-PLUS-16V

Can be used with other models if the part number is listed in the product's manual