Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Natural Gas Pool Heater 400k BTU

Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Natural Gas Pool Heater 400k BTU




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Product description

Hayward H400FDN Natural Gas Pool Heater

When it comes time to choose a new heater for your pool, doing research to find the right heater can help to save time, expense, and frustration with your pool each year. When your pool heater isn't functioning well, you can lose time in the water, and can face expensive and frustrating service calls.

The best pool heater is one that you'll barely notice, providing comfortable and low-profile heating. With the H-Series, Hayward offers a new line in pool heating that builds on their previous models, offering even more than ever before.

Why choose the Hayward H-Series Natural Gas Pool Heater?

The Hayward H-Series heaters are highly rated by customers for the easy to use display. With just a glance, you get up-to-the-minute readings on your water temperature, and the status of your heater. The H-Series also comes complete with built in self-diagnostic capabilities. When your heater has an issue or needs service, you'll be alerted immediately. This intelligent design helps you to avoid common heater issues, saving you from damage and costly repairs.

This heater is a flexible option for many pool owners. Suitable for new installations or to replace existing heaters, the H-Series has also been designed with a standard cupro-nickel heat exchanger. This means that your H-Series heater is even more durable than previous models, and is even tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater pools.

Hayward has provided heating to pools of all sizes for many years, and many pool owners will only use a Hayward heater for their pool.

Reliable and Warm Home Heating

Hayward provides efficient and reliable water heating to pool owners across Canada and the United States. A trusted name in pool equipment, Hayward has continued to innovate and push for better operation and more intelligent design for pool equipment - and the proof is in their H-Series model. If you're hoping to extend your swimming season, you can rely on the H-Series natural gas pool heater for many summers of perfect pool water.


  • Standard cupro nickel heat exchanger
  • Excellent salt water and chemical corrosion resistance
  • Exclusive 'Totally Managed' cupro nickel heat exchanger water flow
  • Same water velocity through all tubes for faster heating
  • Patented header by-pass design
  • Up to 18% savings by reducing pump run-time
  • 2inx 2 1/2in CPVC union plumbing connections
  • Common union for installation or service, adapts to larger plumbing recommended for Ggeater efficiencies
  • Low NOx Emissions - Meets clean air quality standards

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year