Hayward Header O-Ring

Hayward Header O-Ring




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Product description

Hayward Header O-Ring

One of the most essential things you can do to keep your pool and pool equipment in excellent condition is to avoid leaks wherever possible. Over time, small amounts of water can add up to huge damage, leading to corrosion and wear - particularly in your pool heater. O-rings prevent water from leaking from your heater header, ensuring a long lifespan.

If the header in your Hayward heater is leaking or missing an o-ring, Hayward provides a replacement that matches the original in your heater.

Using the HAXHOR1930 Hayward Header O-Ring

When replacing the o-ring in your Hayward heater header, it is very important that you use a Hayward-issued o-ring that has been designed for use on your heater. The HAXHOR1930 Hayward Header O-Ring can be used with H-Series. Before ordering, be sure to consult your heater catalogue to make sure the HAXHOR1930 is a match for your heater for a fast repair for any header leaks.