Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - H300FD

Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - H300FD




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Product description

Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - H300FD

Heat Exchangers take a lot of wear and tear as your heater operates. Harsh flow and water chemistry, and damage from the elements can cause your exchanger to corrode over time. If you have the Hayward H300FD, the FDXLXA1300 Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly is a fast and easy repair for your heater.

Using the FDXLHXA1300 Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly

If your heat exchanger has become damaged or corroded, your heater will not be able to function. The heat exchanger is one of the most essential parts of your pool heater. If you've been told that you need a new heat exchanger for your H300FD heater, the FDXLHXA1300 Heat Exchanger Assembly provides a direct replacement that can repair your heater. With the help of a pool professional, you'll be able to replace your heat exchanger and have your heater ready for the summer.