Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - H150FD

Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - H150FD




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Product description

Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly - H150FD

If you've discovered that your pool heater has a leak, or just isn't functioning like it used to, it is possible that you may need a new heat exchanger assembly.

Over time, a damaged heat exchanger is something that many pool owners face. The harsh chemicals in your pool water and weather damage can lead to cracks and leaks. It is very important that you replace your damaged heat exchanger to prevent further damage to your heater.

Using the FDXLHXA1150 Hayward Heat Exchanger Assembly

Like your pool heater, the heat exchanger that you have has been specifically designed and sized to ensure it matches your pool needs. The FDXLHXA1150 is a direct Heat Exchanger Assembly replacement for the Hayward H-Series Low-Nox heaters model H150FD. This assembly comes complete with all of the gaskets and additional parts that you'll need, so you can have your heater back up and running with a fast replacement.