Hayward Ignitor/Bracket Assy

Hayward Ignitor/Bracket Assy



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Product description

Hayward Ignitor/Bracket Assembly HAXIGN1931

Your Hayward pool heater is designed to last, with quality parts that keep your heater running under difficult conditions. But, after years of operation, your heater will require service to continue to run as it did when it was new. If you've experienced problems with your heater shutting down soon after starting up, it is possible that you need a new igniter.

Using the HAXIGN1931 Hayward Ignitor/Bracket Assembly

The HAXIGN1931 Hayward Ignitor/Bracket Assembly has been designed to replace the original part on Hayward H-series ED1 pool heaters. The HAXIGN1931 includes both the igniter and the bracket that holds it in place, so you can be sure that your technician has everything they need to make a repair.

Each series of Hayward pool heater has been designed with a unique ignitor and bracket setup, and it is essential that you choose the part that matches the heater you have at home. Be sure that the HAXIGN1931 Hayward Ignitor/Bracket Assembly is the part you need before order to avoid any delays in getting your Hayward pool heater running again.