Hayward Ignitor Kit Fd




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Product description

FDXLIGN1930 Hayward Ignitor Kit Fd

The average pool heater goes through a lot of damage each season. Weather, water chemistry, and flow can all impact your heater over time. Hayward pool heaters have been designed and manufactured with this in mind. Hayward offers genuine replacement parts for each of the essential components of your pool heater. With the FDXLIGN1930 Hayward Ignitor Kit, you can quickly and easily repair igniter issues, and get your heater firing again.

Using the FDXLIGN1930 Hayward Ignitor Kit

The FDXLIGN1930 Hayward Ignitor Kit is suitable for replacement on Hayward models H150FDN, H150FDP, H200FDN, H200FDP, H250FDN, H250FDP, H300FDN, H300FDP, H350FDN, H350FDP, H400FDN, H400FD. While some handy heater owners are able to install this replacement part themselves, you may want the help of a pool heating professional to make this repair.