Hayward In-Line Chlorine Feeder, 4.2 lb

Hayward In-Line Chlorine Feeder, 4.2 lb




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Product description

Hayward In-Line Chlorinator - 4.2lb

Keeping your pool clean each summer is no easy task, and making sure your chlorine levels are correct is one of the most essential parts of maintaining a clean pool. To ensure chlorination is as easy as possible, Hayward has designed a simple and effective in-line chlorinator that provides a consistent, regular output with minimal work for the pool owner.

Why choose the Hayward In-Line Chlorinator?

Hayward are pool-care professionals, and their in-line chlorinating solution has been designed to make your pool maintenance a breeze. This chlorinating unit is made to withstand corrosion and strong water flow, and provide dependable chlorination for many years. The Hayward chlorinator is very easy to use, allowing you to simply fill it, and allow it to work in-line with your other pool equipment. As you test your water for chlorine content, you'll be able to adjust the rate of chlorine output up or down as needed to keep your pool in balance.

The Hayward CL100EF is effective for use in pools up to 40,000 litres, with the capacity to be filled with up to 4.2 pounds of chlorine tablets that will be dissolved over time. Many pool owners have used a Hayward In-Line Chlorinator since their pools were installed, and have moved on to new replacement units after years of reliable chlorinating service.

Simple and Effective Chlorination for Pools

The Hayward In-Line Chlorinator has been designed to withstand harsh chemical exposure and flow, ensuring you get years of reliable service and use from your chlorinator. With simple operation, consistent release of sanitizers, and easy to adjust levels, the Hayward In-line chlorinator provides one of the simplest ways to ensure your chlorine levels are correct, and that your pool is sparkling clear each and every day of the summer season.