Hayward In-Line Chlorine Feeder, 9 lb

Hayward In-Line Chlorine Feeder, 9 lb




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Product description

Hayward In-Line Chlorinator - 9lbs

Chlorine is the sanitizer the the majority of pool owners choose to keep their pool water safe and clean. When it comes to adding chlorine to your pool water, there are many options. Tablets, pucks, liquid chlorine, and other systems are all popular choices. But, one of the easiest ways to ensure that chlorine levels remain consistent and safe in your pool water is to use an automatic chlorinator.

The Hayward In-Line Chlorinator connects directly to your existing pool equipment to provide automatic distribution of chlorine using pucks or tablets.

Why choose the Hayward In-Line Chlorinator?

The Hayward In-Line Chlorinator makes it easy to ensure that there is always the correct level of chlorine in your pool water. This ensures that there will be no discolouring, build-up, algae growth, or dangerous bacteria in the water. Keeping your chlorine levels is a challenge that changes depending on the weather and how much use your pool has been used.

With the Hayward In-Line Chlorinator hold up to 9lbs of chlorine tablets or pucks, distributing the chemicals as needed when your pool pump is running. The output of chlorine can be adjusted with a simple dial, allowing you to change as needed when you test your water. Simply refill the Hayward In-Line chlorinator when empty to ensure ongoing sanitation.

The Hayward In-Line Chlorinator is built to stand up to tough chemical corrosion, and requires no maintenance to function each and every day of the summer.

Efficient and Easy Automatic Chlorination

The Hayward In-Line Chlorinator is an efficient, maintenance free, and simple solution to residential pool chlorination. Spend less time struggling with liquid chlorine this summer, and rely on the Hayward In-Line Chlorinator to keep your pool safe and sanitary this summer.