Hayward Main PCB Circuit Board (AQUA RITE MODELS)

Hayward Main PCB Circuit Board (AQUA RITE MODELS)




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Product description

Hayward Main Printed Circuit Board GLX-PCB-RITE is a replacement part for the Aquarite salt chlorinators. This Printed Circuit Board can be used with Turbo Cell-3, 9, and 15, depending on the size of the pool.

Hayward™s Aquarite salt chlorinators are affordable and efficient, using up to 50% fewer pool chemicals. The Hayward Aquarite salt system generates a continuous output of chlorine derived from saltwater, automatically producing soft and smooth water that does not irritate the skin and eyes. Hayward™s Aquarite is rated #1 in salt chlorination, one of the most reliable systems you can buy.

Compatible With

  • Hayward Aquarite Salt Systems -AQR3CUL, AQR3XLCUL, AQR9CUL, AQR9XLCUL, AQR15CUL, AQR15XLCUL, AQR925-CUL, AQR940-CUL
  • Hayward Aquarite Low Salt Systems - AQR-LS-CUL, AQRXL-LS-CUL

Can be used with other models if the part number is listed in the product's manual