Hayward Off-Line Bromine Feeder, 9 lb

Hayward Off-Line Bromine Feeder, 9 lb




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Product description

Hayward Off-Line Brominator Feeder - 9lb

Keeping your pool clean each summer season can be a challenge. One of the most important parts of your cleaning process is ensuring the correct levels of sanitizers in your water to prevent harmful bacteria, viruses, and algae buildup. Bromine is an effective sanitizer that is popular for use in pools and spas across Canada.

With the Hayward Off-Line Brominator Feeder, it is easy to keep your chemicals at the perfect level, so you can enjoy more days of perfect, sparkling clean swimming.

Why choose the Hayward Off-Line Brominator Feeder?

Hayward are pool professionals, with years of experience in developing and perfecting pool equipment that lasts and functions well. Pool owners across North America rely on Hayward to provide automatic sanitization for their pool water. The Hayward Off-Line Brominator Feeder provides reliable and simple sanitation for bromine pools.

After filling your automatic feeder, you can easily set it to release bromine over time. The easy to adjust dial allows you to change the level of output according to the demand of your water - so when the sun is out or your pool is facing heavy use, your feeder can be ready.

Pool sanitizers are tough on your equipment, and the Hayward automatic Off-Line Brominator is designed to be corrosion free, and stand up the flow of bromine.

Reliable and Long-Lasting Bromination

If you sanitize your pool water with Bromine, Hayward has created an easy to use automatic solution that allows you to easily adjust the levels of sanitizer in your water. With the Hayward automatic brominator, you can spend more time swimming and less time worrying about the chemical levels in your water.