Hayward Pilot for H-Series Propane Heaters

Hayward Pilot for H-Series Propane Heaters




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Product description

Hayward Pilot for H-Series Propane Heaters

For your pool heater to function as it was designed to, the pilot needs to light to keep your gas into gear, and produce warm pool water. Over time, the pilot light can become corroded or damaged and when this happens, you'll need to find the right replacement to get your heater functioning again.

Hayward brand pool heaters are designed to allow for these part replacement and repairs through the years, making it easy to extend the life of your Hayward heater and to enjoy warm pool water each summer.

The HAXPLT1932 Hayward Pilot is suitable for use on Hayward H-Series ED1 style pool heaters (that are powered by propane). Each Hayward heater will have specific requirements for replacement parts, and it is very important to be sure that the HAXPLT1932 is the right replacement for your propane heater.

With the right parts available, replacing a Hayward pilot for your propane heater is a small job that your pool technician can complete in a few hours!