Hayward SPX1600V Pipe Plug Replacement




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Product description

This pipe plug is designed to use with Hayward SuperPump SP1600X series models SP1600X5, SP1605X7, SP1607X10, SP1608X10, SP1610X15, SP1611X15, SP1615X20, SP1616X20, SP1621X25 and also compatible with Hayward MaxFlo SP2800X series and Super II SP3000 Series and Power-Flo II pump models SP2800X5, SP2805X7, SP2807X10, SP2810X15, SP2815X20, SP3007(EEAZ) (EECA), SP3010(EEAZ), SP3015(EEAZ), SP3020(EEAZ), SP3025(EEAZ), SP3030(EEAZ), SP1750. Weighs 3.3-Pound.