Hayward SP3010X15A Super 2 Pump Single Speed, 1.5 HP

Hayward SP3010X15A Super 2 Pump Single Speed, 1.5 HP




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Product description

Hayward SP3010X15A Super 2 Pump 1.5 HP, Single Speed, 115/230Volt

If you're looking for a new pump for your pool, doing a little research before you buy can save you time, save you money, and save you frustration each summer. Your pool pump is the heart of the operation of your entire swimming pool setup, providing the power and flow needed to keep your water clean, and keep your equipment performing optimally.

Hayward is one of the world's most trusted makers of pool pumps (and other pool equipment). With a range of models designed to suit every style and size of pool, Hayward are the pool pumping professionals. The Super II Hayward pool pump series improves on previous Hayward designs, providing you with full-rated, reliable waterflow each and every summer. One of the best features of the Super 2 pump are the different sizes - allowing you to select a model that is perfectly suited to what you need.

Why choose the Super II Hayward Pool Pump?

The Hayward Super Pump changed the pool pump industry when it was released, quickly becoming the most popular pool pump in North America. With the release of the Super II pump, Hayward offers an improved, and even more reliable pump for pool owners.

The Super II pump has been designed for efficient operating, and for ease of use. With an extra-large basket, you'll have to clear out your pump less often, and have less problems with collecting debris. The efficiency of the Super II Hayward Pool Pump is one of the best features, providing full-rated flow with a minimum of draw. This makes the Super II a wonderful compromise between efficient operation, and powerful waterflow.

Pool pumps operate under some very harsh conditions, and over time, components may need to be replaced. The Super II Pump has been designed to be very repairable. The housing has been designed to provide access to all key internal parts, allowing you to repair as things wear out. This key design feature allows you to keep your pool pump in operation for years by completing regular repairs, saving you the cost of replacing your whole pump.

Efficient Pump Operation for your Pool

If you're looking for a replacement pump for your pool, or choosing a pump for your new pool setup - the Hayward Super II pump is a reliable and powerful choice. With efficient operation, ease of use, and powerful water flow, the Super II Pump provides pool owners with efficient performance, and reliable pumping season after season.


  • Full-flow hydraulics allow greater flow at a lower cost of operation
  • Heavy-duty, high performance motor with airflow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation
  • 155 cubic-inch basket extends time between cleanings
  • Uni-bracket mounting base provides stable, stress-free support. Versatility for any installation requirement by adapting to both 48- and 56-frame motors