Hayward SP2615X20A Super Pump Single Speed, 2.0 HP




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Product description

Hayward SP2615X20A Super Pump 2.0 HP, Single Speed, 230V

Choosing a new pump for your pool is an important decision. The flow, power, and performance of your pump will impact all of your pool equipment, and how your pool functions. If you choose the right pump for your pool, you can count on years of reliable service and performance. The Hayward Super Pump is the world's best-selling pool pump, providing reliable service for pool owners across North America.

Why Choose the Hayward Super Pump?

The Hayward Super Pump provides the best in efficient flow for your pool, allowing all of your equipment and chemicals to be optimized. The Hayward Super Pump provides easy and reliable service, with an easy-to-access strainer for easy cleaning. Hayward pool pumps are among the world's most trusted and relied-on pool pump manufacturers, and their Super Pump brings together years of performance and manufacturing in an incredible updated design.

Pool pumps are under constant pressure, and one of the best features of the Super Pump is how repairable it is. Hayward has designed the Super Pump for easy repairs with replacement gaskets and seals, ensuring long life and top performance from your pump.

The newest models of the Hayward Super Pump build on years of reliability and design, continually improving on previous models. Many pool owners have used their super pumps for years, and rely only on Hayward when considering replacement pool components. When you invest in a Hayward Super Pump, you benefit from years of development, design, and improving performance.

Reliable Service for Your Pool

Your pool pump provides the flow and power required for every element of your pool to operate correctly. A low-quality pump can lead to expensive operation, damage to your other equipment, and high costs for installation and replacement. The 2 HP Hayward Super Pump provides reliable, powerful flow that has been optimized for pools, and you can rely on your Super Pump for years of reliable service.

  • Reliability and Performance - #1 selling pool pump
  • Best all-around circulation pump
  • Heavy-duty motor - quieter, cooler operation
  • Exclusive swing-away hand knobs - easier strainer cover removal for quicker basket cleaning
  • Faster service -remove 4 bolts to access impeller

Warranty: 1 Year