Hayward System Switch (Dual)

Hayward System Switch (Dual)




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Product description

CHXTSW1931 Hayward System Switch

Over time, the most simple parts of your pool heater can be exposed to moisture, heat and corrosion, leading to wear and tear and the need for replacement. This is especially true for parts that are in regular use, such as your switches.

Many Hayward pool heaters include simple switches that allow operators to change their function. Over time, the internal components of these switches can be damaged, and require replacement. Luckily, Hayward has a commitment to quality that extends to providing manufacturer-direct replacement parts for their pool heaters.

Using the CHXTSW1931 Hayward System Switch

The CHXTSW1931 Hayward Dual System Switch is essential for powering up your heater and changin operation. If you've noticed that your dual switch has stopped working or is visibly damaged, it is time for a replacement.

Once you have the CHXTSW1931 Hayward System Switch in hand, replacement will be a small job for any heating professional. Each Hayward heater will require a specific and unique switch to function correctly, and the SHXTSW1931 can be used with Hayward heater models H100ID1, H100IDP1, and H-Series CZ heaters. Be sure that the CHXTSW1931 Hayward System Switch is a match for the Hayward heater that you have at home to ensure your repair is a success.