Hayward Thermistor

Hayward Thermistor




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Product description

IDXLTER1930 - Hayward Thermistor

Your Hayward heater has been designed to provide pools and spas with powerful and efficient heating. To ensure your heating is safe and reliable, there are a huge number of parts, systems, and sensors in your Hayward heater that work together to create a perfectly warm pool water for you to enjoy. One essential part of your pool is the Thermistor, essential for allowing your heater to sense temperature, provide accurate readings, and turn off and on as needed.

If you've discovered that your Hayward heater is in need of a new Thermistor, you're in luck! The Hayward IDXLTER1930 Thermistor provides for a fast repair that will have your heater running like new again with just a few minutes of work.

Why choose the Hayward IDXLTER1930 Thermistor?

The Hayward IDXLTER1930 Thermistor is the same part that is included in all Hayward heaters. You can rely on Hayward to provide a high-quality part that fits perfectly in your pool heater. The IDXLTER1930 Thermistor is a compatible replacement on Hayward H-Series heaters.

When your thermistor has been damaged or broken, a simple and easy repair will enable you to get your heater and system repaired in no time. Be sure the IDXLTER1930 matches your existing Hayward model to ensure a fast and simple repair.