Hayward Thermostat for Induced Draft Heaters

Hayward Thermostat for Induced Draft Heaters




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Product description

Hayward Thermostat for Induced Draft Heaters

A quality pool heater has many systems that ensure it operates safely, efficiently, and produces the water temperature you're looking for. All Hayward heaters are built with quality thermostats that ensure your heater is functioning properly, and that all of your equipment is operating within a safe temperature range.

When a thermostat fails, it can give an incorrect reading and prevent your heater from firing up. Conveniently, Hayward has made it easy for pool owners to replace a thermostat that has been damaged or become worn out.

Each pool heater requires specific parts to function safely and as intended. The IDXTST1930 Hayward Thermostat has been designed as a replacement on H-Series Induced Draft Heaters. This small but essential part is simple to repair for any pool professional (or handy pool owner). Double check your Hayward heater model and owner's manual to make sure that the IDXTST1930 Thermostat is the part you need.