Hayward Transformer IDXL2TRF1930 120/240V-24VAC

Hayward Transformer IDXL2TRF1930 120/240V-24VAC




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Product description

Hayward Transformer 120/240V-24VAC

Pool heaters operate in a harsh environment. Over time temperature, weather, moisture and corrosive water and chemicals can cause damage to heater parts over time, preventing your heater from functioning at its best, or even turning on at all. Hayward has provided quality pool heating for decades, and part of what they provide to their customers is the long life of their heaters. Hayward heaters last for years because they have been designed to allow for repairs and service.

When the transformer in your Hayward heater is damaged or malfunctioning, you can easily get your heater functioning like new with the right replacement transformer.

Using the Hayward IDXL2TRF1930 Transformer

The Hayward IDXL2TRF1930 Transformer is an essential part for many Hayward heater models. You can use the IDXL2TRF1930 as a transformer replacement on models:

  • H150FDN, H150FDP, H200FDN, H200FDP, H250FDN, H250FDP, H300FDN and H300FDP
  • H350FDN, H350FDP, H400FDN and H400FDP
  • H200FDP, H300FDN and H400FDP
  • H250IDL2, H350IDL2 and H400IDL2

If you've discovered that your Hayward pool heater is in need of a new transformer, the repair is easier than you might have thought! With a quick visit from a pool heating technician, you can have your heater up and running and warming your pool in a snap. Be sure that the IDXL2TRF1930 Transformer is suitable for your existing model to ensure a smooth replacement.