Hayward SP3215EE TriStar Full Rate Inground Pool Pump, 1.5 HP

Hayward SP3215EE TriStar Full Rate Inground Pool Pump, 1.5 HP




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Product description

Hayward SP3215EE TRISTAR Full Rate Inground Swimming Pool Pump, 1.5 HP

When it comes time to choose a pump for you inground pool, it is important that you find a pump that is efficient, and sized correctly for your pool. Hayward is one of the most trusted makers of pool pumps in North America, and their Tristar series of inground swimming pool pumps have been specifically designed to fit differently-sized pools, offering perfect and efficient performance.

Why choose the Hayward Tristar Inground Swimming Pool Pump?

Hayward's Tristar series of pumps have been designed to provide efficiency and power to inground pools. Your pump is central to the cleanliness and operation of your pool, and the Tristar ensures that you have the flow you need, without unnecessary power usage. Compared to other pool pumps on the market, Hayward provides more affordable pumps that outperform the competition, and remain affordable each day they are in operation.

Pool owners love the simplicity of the Tristar Pump. The easy to open strainer cover makes it easy to access and clean out the basket. Designed for less frequent cleaning, the rib-free design of the internal basket keeps leaves and debris from sticking, making it easy for you to clean out your pump quickly, and preventing too much buildup.

The 1.5 HP Tristar pump comes complete with unions that are suited for most inground pools, making it suitable for existing pools, or as a brand new installation.

Efficient Performance for Inground Pools

If you're looking for your first inground pool pump, or looking to replace an existing pump, you can rely on Hayward to provide you with reliable and efficient performance for your pool. The best pump is one that allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool, and with the Tristar pump - you'll be able to spend less time worrying about your pool operation, and more time in the pool each week.


  • Most hydraulically efficient wet-end - can often step down in pump size(HP) -- same performance at a lower installation cost and cost of daily operation. Maintain the same size and, with greater flow, run the pump less per day, saving energy and money.
  • Heavy-duty motor with dynamic airflow - greater dependability and longer life.
  • 2in x 2.5in CPVC union connections - adapt to larger plumbing recommended for greater efficiencies with larger plumbing, run the pump less per day, saving energy and money. Quick and easy installation and servicing.
  • No-rib design basket - Debris doesn't stick to the inside of the basket-- quicker and easier to clean. Huge size extends time between cleanings.
  • Now available in 575V power option