Hayward SP3220EE TriStar Full Rate Inground Pool Pump, 2 HP

Hayward SP3220EE TriStar Full Rate Inground Pool Pump, 2 HP




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Product description

Hayward TRISTAR Full Rate Inground Swimming Pool Pump

Finding the right pump for your inground pool is an incredibly important decision. Your pump powers the flow and operation of your entire pool, and finding a reliable pump that will provide you with years of service is key. With the Hayward Tristar Pump, you can count on season after season of reliable flow for your inground pool.

Why Choose the Hayward Tristar Pump?

The Hayward Tristar pump has been designed and manufactured to bring together the best features of Hayward's other pool pumps to offer the best in inground pool circulation. Energy efficient, easy to use, and powerful enough for an inground pool - this pump has everything you need to operate your system.

This Hayward pool pump has a few features that make it more durable than ever before. Cool operation helps to prevent motor wear and tear to allow for years of operation, and a thick housing ensures near-silent pumping to preserve the atmosphere of your backyard.

With the Tristar, Hayward pool pump design has gone above and beyond to ensure your pool maintenance is easier than ever before. With an easier to open lid and easy-clean basket, you'll appreciate every small detail that has gone into the design of this pump.

The Best in Inground Pool Pump Performance

With the Tristar, Hayward has set a new standard in pool pump design, performance, and efficiency. Bringing together the best features of their other pool pump offerings, the Tristar offers the best, and backs it up with a full warranty. Your pool pump is something you don't want to have to worry about too often. Choosing this efficient, affordable, and durable pool pump from Hayward can provide you with reliable pump performance for seasons to come.

For new construction & the aftermarket, TriStar is the mosthydraulically efficient pool pump that provides superior flow and energy efficiency.


  • Most hydraulically efficient wet-end - can often step down in pump size(HP) -- same performance at a lower installation cost and cost of daily operation. Maintain the same size and, with greater flow, run the pump less per day, saving energy and money.
  • Heavy-duty motor with dynamic airflow - greater dependability and longer life.
  • 2in x 2.5in CPVC union connections - adapt to larger plumbing recommended for greater efficiencies with larger plumbing, run the pump less per day, saving energy and money. Quick and easy installation and servicing.
  • No-rib design basket - Debris doesn't stick to the inside of the basket-- quicker and easier to clean. Huge size extends time between cleanings.
  • Now available in 575V power option