Hayward Union Nuts, (Set of 2)

Hayward Union Nuts, (Set of 2)




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Product description

HAXNUT1930 Hayward Union Nuts

Any pool owner knows that if you give water the opportunity, it will get anywhere. That is why it is so important that your plumbing, fittings, and unions are fitted correctly for your needs. When you connect your Hayward Heater to your pool equipment, it is particularly important that you have undamaged fittings that thread perfectly into place so you don't cause damage through low-flow or leaks.

If you've damaged, lost, or broken some of the unions that connect your Hayward heater, it is important that you find a perfectly-fitting replacement to get your system back in action. The HAXNUT1930 Hayward Union Nuts set provides a direct replacement for Hayward ED2 Millivolt heaters.

Using the HAXNUT1930 Hayward Union Nuts

This convenient set of 2 Hayward unions provides a replacement for existing unions on your Hayward heater. If you've lost, damaged, or stripped the existing unions, you'll need to be sure that the replacement you choose fits perfectly. The HAXNUT1930 unions are designed specifically for Hayward ED2 Millivolt heaters.

Your pool heater contains a number of unions and parts that keep it running each year. Be sure to consult your user manual to ensure that the HAXNUT1930 unions are the part you're looking for, and you'll have your heater reconnected quickly.