Header Gasket for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters

Header Gasket for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters




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Product description

R0304300 Header Gasket for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters

For any quality pool heater to function at its finest and last for many seasons, it is important that all of the small parts within a heater be maintained and replaced as needed over the years. Jandy heaters are backed by the Zodiac guarantee, which allows pool heater owners to easily access replacement parts and to extend the life of their heaters.

The header in your Jandy pool heater directs the flow of water through your heater, ensuring it is heated adequately and directed back to your pool with no problems. Over time, the headers face a huge amount of pressure and stress, and the gaskets that make the header pressure-tight may become corroded or damaged.

When it comes time to replace the header gaskets in your Jandy Hi-E2 heater, be sure that you look to Jandy to get matching parts you need. A close fit for your gaskets ensures excellent performance and minimized changes of leaks.

If you have a Jandy Hi-E2 heater, the R0304300 makes a perfect replacement for the original header gasket included in your heater.