Hayward Hi-Limit Switch 160F (H-Series Electronic)

Hayward Hi-Limit Switch 160F (H-Series Electronic)




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Product description

Hayward Hi-Limit Switch 160F (H-Series Electronic)

For some people, the pool water is never hot enough. But, for your Hayward pool heater, there is such thing as a temperature that is too high. For your pool heater to operate safely, effectively, and free of damage, a high limit switch has been built in to the rear header of your pool. This switch is in place to detect when the heat has gotten too high, and to turn off your heater to prevent further damage.

In some cases, the high-limit switch in your Hayward heater may be damaged, providing false readings to your heater and preventing it from starting up. When this happens, you'll need to find a replacement to get your heater functioning again.

HMXHLI2932 Hi-Limit 160 Degrees F (H-Series Electronic)

The HMXHLI2932 Hi-Limit switch provides an exact replacement for the rear switch in your H-Series heater. The HMXHLI2932 provides a replacement for the high-limit switch on many Hayward heaters, but not all. You can use this part with the Hayward H-Series Low-Nox Heaters(rated 150 to 400) and on Hayward H-Series electronic heater models.

If your heater requires a new pressure switch, be sure that the HMXHLI2932 is the part you're looking for, and you'll be able to make a fast repair that will get your heater working again immediately.