Ignition Control for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters

Ignition Control for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters




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Product description

Ignition Control for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters

Operating a pool heater is one of the best ways to make your pool more comfortable and inviting for swimmers. These heaters contain a number of components that, without safety controls, would pose a danger to your family. The ignition control in your heater ensures that it can fire up safely and effectively, and only when needed.

If your pool heater has had problems operating and you've identified that you need a new ignition control, you can rely on Jandy to provide the matching part you need.

The R0202900 Ignition Control provides a matching part for Jandy Hi-E2 Heaters. The ignition control can be installed easily by a pool heating professional, or by anyone who has some knowledge of how to make simple repairs.

For a fast and easy repair to your pool's ignition system, be sure that the R0202900 Ignition Control is the right part for your pool.