Indoor Draft Hood for Jandy Legacy LRZ 325 Heaters

Indoor Draft Hood for Jandy Legacy LRZ 325 Heaters




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Product description

Indoor Draft Hood for Jandy Legacy LRZ 325K Heaters

Most pool heaters are designed for outdoor use. But Zodiac and Jandy brand pool heaters have been designed to be easily convertible for indoor use, providing more flexibility for pool owners. For a Jandy heater to operate indoors, it is very important that an indoor draft hood be purchased and installed. This will allow emissions that are normally able to vent outside to be carried out of indoor spaces, ensuring safe operation for family and friends.

The R0499604 Indoor Draft Hood has been designed exclusively for use with Jandy Legacy LRZE and LRZM 325K BTU Heaters. It is very important that the indoor stack hood that you purchase be an exact match for your existing pool heater. This will ensure easy installation, a tight fit, and safe removal of emissions from indoor spaces.

If you need a new indoor draft hood for your Jandy Legacy LRZE or LRZM 325K BTU heater, the R0499604 Indoor Draft Hood is exactly what you're looking for.