Indoor Drafthood with Adapter for Raypak 156A




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Product description

014358 Indoor Drafthood (with Adapter) for Raypak 156A Heaters

The majority of pool heaters have been designed for outdoor use, where they can safely and openly vent emissions during operation. When planning to use a Raypak heater indoors, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to vent your heater in a different way.

The 014358 Indoor Drafthood (with Adapter) has been designed to allow Raypak 156A heaters to be safely adapted for indoor use.

Using the Raypak 014358 Indoor Drafthood

If you're planning to use a Raypak 156A heater for your indoor pool, or to store it inside a sealed shed, it is important that you find a way to vent your heater correctly. The 014358 Indoor Drafthood contains everything you need to safely vent your Raypak 156A heater for indoor use.