Carvin CGS120 Replacement Salt Cell for Saniclear40




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Product description

Jacuzzi CGS120 Replacement Salt Cell for Saniclear 40 SaltWater Pool

Anyone who has had the chance to swim in a saltwater pool nevers wants to make the change back to standard chlorine. If your pool is chlorinated with a Saniclear40 system that needs a new salt generator cell, you have options. Jacuzzi provides a replacement salt cell for Saniclear users that will allow you to continue the summer in luxury with your saltwater generator.

Why choose the Jacuzzi Replacement Salt Cell for Saniclear40 Systems?

Jacuzzi has made it easy to extend the life of your Saniclear saltwater chlorine generator system. No matter how careful you are, the cells included in saltwater chlorination systems have a limited lifespan, and will need to be changed over time. Jacuzzi has created the Saniclear system to make this necessary change as easy as possible, with a simple union connection to access your cell. Once in place, this replacement cell with have your system up and running just as well as it was when it was brand new, and you won't have to worry about the expense of installing and plumbing-in a new system.

The Jacuzzi CGS120 Replacement Salt Cell has been designed only for use in the Saniclear40 Saltwater system. These systems are designed to chlorinate water up to 100,000 litres, and it is very important that you select a replacement salt cell that matches your existing system, and demands for chlorine. The CGS120 replacement salt cell provides an exact replacement that will have Saniclear40 Saltwater systems functioning like new with a simple replacement installation.

Simple Replacement for Saniclear 40 Systems

If you've made the switch to saltwater for your home pool, you already know the difference it can make the the comfort, quality, and feel of your pool water. If you are in need of a new salt generator cell for your Saniclear 40 system, the Jacuzzi CGS120 provides you with a perfect replacement that can have your Jacuzzi salt system functioning like new in no time.

Jacuzzi CGSS60 and CGS120 salt cells serve as replacement cells for the Saniclear20 and the Saniclear40 respectively. Auto-reversing polarity makes these cells extra durable: they resist the build-up of calcium and scale, and last a long time thanks to their sturdy design, which allows them to withstand the effects of corrosion.

Installation - for both the Jacuzzi CGSS60 cell and Jacuzzi CGS120 cell - is straightforward thanks to 2" unions that can be easily connected to a wide variety of pool plumbing. It also connects straight to the control unit via cable, with no need for any additional wiring whatsoever.