Carvin CGS60 Replacement Salt Cell for Saniclear20




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Product description

Jacuzzi CGS60 Replacement Salt Cell Saniclear 20

Swimming in a saltwater pool is more luxurious, less drying to the skin and eyes, and more comfortable for swimmers of all ages. Once you've made the change over to saltwater, it can be hard to return to regular chlorine. The Jacuzzi Saniclear System has been designed to make home chlorine production safe and simple, easily converting your saltwater into usable chlorine.

The Jacuzzi Saniclear system has been designed to last the lifespan of your pool, with essential parts and features that are replaceable and serviceable. If your Saniclear system is in need of a replacement chlorinator cell, the Jacuzzi CGS60 can have your system up and running and functioning like new again.

Why choose the Jacuzzi Saniclear Salt Generator Cell Replacement?

If you've had the chance to enjoy saltwater in your home pool, you know how effective and comfortable the Jacuzzi Saniclear makes your pool water. When it comes times to find a replacement salt generator cell for your chlorination system, it is essential that you find a part that fits your system exactly. The Jacuzzi CGS60 has been designed as a direct replacement for salt generator cells in the Saniclear 20 system.

These replacement chlorinator cells have been designed and manufactured by Jacuzzi to provide you with the same incredibly function as the originals. Installation of the new cell is a simple connection - and within moments, you can have your saltwater system generating chlorine, without need for additional wiring.

Easy Chlorine Generation for your Pool

Once you've had to enjoy a saltwater pool, it can be difficult to imagine returning to traditional chlorine cleaning methods. With the Jacuzzi Saniclear system, you can rely on your saltwater chlorine generator to be serviceable and repariable. With the simple replacement of your chlorinator cell, you can have your saltwater system running like new.

Jacuzzi CGSS60 and CGS120 salt cells serve as replacement cells for the Saniclear20 and the Saniclear40 respectively. Auto-reversing polarity makes these cells extra durable: they resist the build-up of calcium and scale, and last a long time thanks to their sturdy design, which allows them to withstand the effects of corrosion.

Installation - for both the Jacuzzi CGSS60 cell and Jacuzzi CGS120 cell - is straightforward thanks to 2" unions that can be easily connected to a wide variety of pool plumbing. It also connects straight to the control unit via cable, with no need for any additional wiring whatsoever.