Jandy Air Pressure Switch For LXi Heater

Jandy Air Pressure Switch For LXi Heater




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy R0456400 Air Pressure Switch For Jandy LXi Heater

In a pool heater, proper air flow is essential for ensuring safe operation. All Jandy and Zodiac brand heaters are designed and fitted with an air pressure switch that ensures the correct airflow is in place, shutting down your heater in the event of backflow that can lead to gas buildup. If the air pressure switch has been damaged or broken, your heater may receive an incorrect reading, and fail to start up.

Over time, every pool heater will need service and small repairs to continue functioning. Conveniently, Jandy and Zodiac brand heaters have been designed to ensure that small replacement parts, like the air pressure switch, can be changed out easily and affordably to ensure a long life for your heater.

Using the R0456400 Zodiac/Jandy Air Pressure Switch

The R0456400 Zodiac/Jandy/Teledyne Air Pressure Switch is a direct replacement for the existing switch in Zodiac and Jandy heater models LXI250, LXI300 and LXI400. For an experienced pool technician, replacing a faulty air pressure switch with the R0456400 is a simple and quick job. Be sure that the R0456400 is a match for your existing heater model, and you'll be able to enjoy a functioning heater within minutes of installation.