Jandy R0458600 Flame Sensor for Jandy LXI Heaters

Jandy R0458600 Flame Sensor for Jandy LXI Heaters




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Product description

Zodiac/Jandy R0458600 Flame Sensor for Jandy LXI Heaters

The flame sensor is placed within your heater, in front of the heat source. This small but essential part ensures that whenever gas flow is present, that a flame is burning too. This small measure ensures the safe operation of natural gas heaters, preventing buildup and flammability risks.

Over time, the flame sensor in your pool heater may become corroded, damaged, or broken. For anyone who has a Jandy or Zodiac brand pool heater, replacing the flame sensor rod is a fast and easy repair.

Using the R0458600 Zodiac/Jandy Laars Flame Sensor

If you've discovered that your Jandy or Zodiac model pool heater is in need of a replacement flame sensor, you'll be happy to know that the R0458600 makes for a fast and easy repair for any pool professional. The R0458600 is suitable for use on models LX1250, LX1300 and LX1400. Be sure that this Jandy/Zodiac flame sensor is a good fit for your pool heater, and you'll be able to enjoy another comfortable summer of swimming.