Jandy 2" Flange Set For Lite2 LG/LJ Heaters




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Product description

R0055000 Jandy Flange Set (includes Bolts, Gaskets & Sleeves For Jandy Lite2 LG and LJ Heaters)

The internal flanges and gaskets in your pool heater play an essential function, protecting the most essential components from water damage - and ensuring pressure is adequate for heating. Over many seasons of operation, the flanges and related bolts and gaskets in your heater can become damaged or corroded. This can result in leaks, and rusty water being deposited within your pool each summer.

The R0055000 Jandy Flange Set is designed for replacement on select Jandy and Zodiac heater models, including Jandy Lite2LD, Lite2LG, Lite2LJ, LiteLLG, LiteLLD, EPC, EPS, EPG, EPM and Series 2 ESC and ESG models. This kit contains 2 flanges, and all related bolts, gaskets and sleeves required to make a complete repair.

Be sure to work with a pool professional and to consult your heater manual to be sure that the 2 inch R0055000 Jandy Flange Set is a fit for your existing heater. These manufacturer-direct parts ensure excellent fit and performance when fit the right heater.