Jandy Flow Restrictor For Jandy Lite2 LJ Heaters




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Product description

Flow Restrictor For Jandy Lite2 LJ Heaters

A pool or spa heater is a big investment for any pool owner. Though these appliances provide a huge amount of extended use and comfort each season, they are also very expensive to purchase and operate. Every Jandy pool heater has been designed with care - and contains many parts that are intended to protect your heater from the harsh conditions it operates in. Proper care and installation of these vital parts can help to extend the life of your heater, and ensure your investment pays off.

The flow restrictor in your pool heater ensures that water is flowing through your heater at a safe rate. This rate ensures that your heater will not overheat, and will not be exposed to excessive flow pressure. If the flow restrictors in your Jandy heater have been corroded or damaged over time, you can easily find the replacement you need to keep your heater in excellent condition.

Using the S0000300 Jandy Flow Restrictor

The S0000300 Jandy Flow Restrictor has been designed to replace the original parts on Jandy Lite2 and LJ heaters. This set contains 2 flow restrictors (necessary for Lite2 and LJ heater models). These small parts play an essential role in protecting the most essential parts of your heater.

The S0000300 Zodiac/Jandy Flow Restrictor is unique to Jandy Lite2 and LJ heaters. Be sure that this set of 2 flow restrictors is a match for your current heater model before replacing your order. With some simple work, your heater can be back up and running for the summer season.